Day 135 Two years as a Christian

Hi there!

I was reading through 1 Samuel 13. It was about King Saul’s 2nd year of reign over Israel and how he disobeyed Yahweh by offering burnt sacrifice when only Samuel is worthy enough to do the job.

So this chapter struck me because I can relate to Saul’s situation. 

I started being born again Christian in 2013. I remember I felt the Holy Spirit of Yahweh baptized me December 2013. The experience is extraordinary. I was sleeping and I felt an extraordinary force came over me. I thought it was a demonic sleep paralysis and so I tried to resist and couldn’t overcome and I give in. But it wasn’t a demonic spirit but it was Yahweh’s Holy Spirit because it didn’t frighten me and He was gentle on me. Next thing I know I had a vision in the clouds. (If you read some previous blog post, you might find my story. I won’t disclose which blog post. Hehe.) 

And here I am now, still hopeful about Lord Jesus Christ. But despite the extraordinary encounter over 2 years ago, what I have accomplished as a born again Christian? Well, I had moments like King Saul where in I foolishly sinned against Yahweh and Father Yahweh disciplined me in a physical way (I got 2nd degree burns and other injuries or wounds). 

And comparing myself to King Saul, 2 years is not enough to make a person 100% obedient to Father Yahweh. There are backsliding moments. But unlike Saul, I thank Lord Jesus Christ that I can still find my way back to serving Father Yahweh with my entire being.

So 2 years and several months as a born again Christian seems not enough yet. But Father Yahweh is faithful that He will complete the sanctification process in and on me.

I’m looking forward for more months and years of serving Father Yahweh and Lord Jesus Christ with my entire being!


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