Day 136 Dates with your family

Hi there!

If you are in early 20’s and late teenager years, a lot of people obsessed with dating and courtship. It’s as if that’s the reason of life is to be romantic and that’s the end of it just like the famous “happily ever after.”

Well for me it is different. I am not dating anyone. And I believe I am not ready for dating.

I realized I spend more time ‘dating’ wih my family than other people which is a good thing. All these years it’s as if we take for granted the ‘date moments’ we spent with our family. Now I appreciate the ‘date moments’ I spend with either my parents, my mother, or with the whole family. I just realized they are growing older as I am growing older (I’m 22 fyi). 

So before I get into the craze of dating, if evet that will happen to me, I want to spend more quality time with my family.

Final words: Spend ‘date moments’ with family before finding a date or a potential partner!


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