Day 137 Tropical Medicinal Herbs 101

Hi there!

I don’t get usually sick. But when I did, it’s like I’m dying.

Last Saturday was like a normal day for me. I really worked hard doing the house chores. I really tried to be frugal and tried not to use the air conditioner in my parent’s room. And suddenly at afternoon, my aunt’s car from Bicol came to take my aunt home within the same municipality where my family live. And they brought our 1 sack of rice (So for more than a year my family has been given rice sustainance from my mother’s side rice field and that sack every harvest is my mom’s share.)

So to save up some money, my mom and I decided to go home with my aunt’s car back to Bicol. And the travel took longer than the usual bus travel of 12 hours. Needless to say, when we arrived at my aunt’s house in Naga City, my whole body collapsed. I had a cough for several days. There’s sore throat and really high fever.

And the sad thing is there’s this national assessment exam on my TM1. So I really had a hard time performing in my exams because I am so weak and sick! And the exams (remaining role play demonstration and interview) is not yet over!

So for the first day I got sick, I took Bioflu which basically is a Paracetamol. It worked for a few hours but it didn’t made me well last Sunday. So I tried drinking Moringa or in my tongue Malunggay if I will be well. Moringa has more vitamin C than navel orange and it is loaded with lots of anti-inflammatory, other vitamins and minerals. I really thought that since Moringa has a lot of vitamin C I will heal faster. I was wrong! It made my stomach unwell but Moringa is a good dietary supplement not really a herbal cure. 

Then monday afternoon I decided to buy Lagundi syrup and it had 10 tablets of vitamin C for free. So lagundi is a herbal plant and the leaves are used to soothe the coughs and other respiratory conditions. I drank that until tuesday and it calmed down my cough, sore throat and colds but I didn’t totally healed.

Next I tried ginger tea in my own tongue it’s ‘salabat‘. I tried drinking that monday evening until tuesday morning. Ginger sooted my sore throat and a little bit of my cough. But it didn’t totally healed my poor conditions. 

Then after my demonstration exam and interview last tuesday, I went home having a fever again and extreme pain in my gums and teeth as if I had just went to my dentist for newly adjusted braces. I felt like dying last tuesday afternoon. Until my last resort is Sambong in my bicolana tongue it’s ‘lakad-bulan‘. So my mom made me 2 mugs of Sambong and last tuesday I drank of total of 3 mugs of Sambong that day and the results are amazing! Because of Sambong, my fever went down so fast just within hours from drinking it. It made me sweat making my phlegm go out more easily and lower down my fever. 


  • Moringa/ Malunggay-It’s  free just because there’s one in the neighborhood. Loaded with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, beta carotene, vitamins and minerals. Not a good cure for coughs,colds,fever,sore throat.
  • Lagundi-I bought it from the drugstore. Great for coughs and sore throat.
  • Ginger- Powdered ginger is really cheap like ₽39. Great to relieve sore throats and coughs and colds but not as great as Lagundi.
  • Sambong-It’s free. The most powerful herb I ever tried. It made me well after a few hours of drinking it. But my sickness is kind of aggressive, I might drink more of Sambong.

So I thank Yahweh that the herbs I tried are either free or cheap. It eased my pain and it’s amazing that cures for some illness are just found in the garden, Yahweh’s handiwork!


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