Day 141 I will miss Naga City

Hi there!

In just a few days, I’ll be leaving Naga City. My training in TESDA is over. I passed my training and it’s time to go back home and have my other priorities settled. I’ll be just doing some paperworks and wait for my honorarium from my aunt because of the training.

I’ll miss the mineral tap water in my aunt’s house in Naga City which came from Mt. Isarog. I have been drinking from tap water and I never got sick because of it. I noticed my nails grow faster when I’m here in Naga City because of the mineral tap water.

©Rina The mineral tap water from Mount Isarog

I’ll miss the night market near People’s Mall, Centro, Naga City. Everytime me, my mom and my aunt go there, my aunt spend ₽500 for ukay or thrift clothes. It really is cheap. And there’s nothing like it back in Metro Manila.

I’ll miss the rice field sceneries and mountains in Camarines Sur.

Naga City will be missed especially the tap water! But life must go on. I can’t just stay in one city all the time.


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