Day 143 The Value of Holy Spirit

Hi there!

Yesterday I was pondering about so many expensive things and I was wondering if I can have those items. What if I have money to start up a business like RTW or a cafe? But I’m just a poor girl with little time on earth pondering on things.

I remember Lord Jesus Christ said what will you give if you gain the world but forfeit your soul. Spiritual riches are far more important than worldly riches.

And it lead me to this question: “How valuable is the Holy Spirit from Yahweh?”

Money can’t buy Holy Spirit. And it’s not easy for just anyone to receive it because a person should have a repentant heart and should believe in Lord Jesus Christ (no one else/no idols/no virgin mary/no catholic saints/no allah).

And I know it in my heart that I have receive the Holy Spirit from Yahweh. Yet it seems like I am still worldly looking still for earthly riches that will soon pass away. I may not experience the fullness of the spiritual riches in this earthly life but I know in a life to come, it seems like I need to be more hopeful.

So for you, how valuable is the Holy Spirit? 

For me, Holy Spirit is more precious than diamonds. Holy Spirit is more precious than the sun. Holy Spirit is more precious than my blissful short-lived life. 

I know I have Him though I may seem financially poor.


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