Day 144 Trial Vegan in my Aunt’s House

Hi there!

This blog post is about my experience yesterday of trying to be a vegan in my aunt’s house which means I didn’t paid for any of the food I’ll be mentioning in this blog.

The rules:

✅ I can eat cooked and uncooked food

✅ I can eat processed or unprocessed food

✅ Plant-based only

✅ All meals and snacks

For breakfast, I had:

©Rina Marang (cost ₽10), Baligang (one bag is ₽5 and the one in the picture isn’t one bag), banana (maybe ₽10), spicy peanuts (maybe ₽5 🤔)

And I drank water for breakfast.

For lunch:


So my lunch consists of rice, bitter gourd in coconut milk (with garlic, tomatoes, originally with grilled fish but I didn’t ate the fish), grilled eggplants seasoned with soy sauce, and cabbage with yam/gabi root crop (originally with the stir fry pork which I did not ate). I drank coke and water for lunch. This lunch time is not easy because the cook of my aunt cooked several grilled fish and pork. But I really disciplined myself and told others I will be vegetarian for today.

For snacks, I had spicy peanuts again.

For dinner:

©Rina leftovers + new rice + mango

My dinner is the same as my lunch. I just ate the leftovers. And I think I was able to eat some pieces of the tilapia fish that was in the coconut milk soup. True enough I failed being a vegetarian for that simple mistake. Then I ate mango. For my drink, I just drank water.

For dessert:

©Rina cake slice from the neighbor

Sad to say, I ate cake. And I know it’s not vegan but it can fall under lacto-ovo-vegetarian. So I failed being a vegan. And that cake was given by the neighbor who had a birthday. That’s how close knitted some communities in the Philippines are! Even if they’re not blood related.

What a challenge?! But hey in the provinces here in the Philippines and currently I’m in Naga City near Mt. Isarog, the fruits are relatively cheap compared to Metro Manila. So maybe I’ll miss the fruits here in Bicol. But it was hard being a vegan. Vegetarian is more easier.

Lessons I learned doing this challenge:

  • It’s easier to be vegetarian than to be a raw vegan or vegan.
  • It’s really versatile.
  • It needs a lot of self-discipline and determination/motivation not to eat meat even its near you or people near you are eating those things.
  • I can be vegetarian for a day but there’s no guarantee I can keep doing this forever. (Remember those pizzas with dairy!)

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