Day 146 Raw Vegan

Hi there!

I have watched youtuber FullyRawKristina and I got surprised with this new version of vegan diet= raw vegan.

To be a raw vegan, you need to eat plant-based food with no cooking involved and as much as possible unprocessed food.

Last night past 9pm, I tried eating a raw vegan dinner which involves 1 banana, 1/2 avocado and lots of calamansi water. Yesterday I was not totally raw vegan. I ate rice for lunch and I ate fast food Jollibee around 6pm to give favor to my older brother.

The perks of being raw vegan (but I don’t suggest it is practical):

  • You get to save electricity or gas for cooking.
  • You get to support local farmers or the agricultural sector.
  • You get to be more healthy.
  • Lose weight
  • Lessen water retention
  • Have more access to lots of vitamins and minerals
  • Be more creative in mix and matching what to eat
  • You get to save in your dishwashing cause you’ll be using cups/glasses, or your spoon/fork most of the time.
  • I have noticed in my body that when I got menstruation, I also have migraine and hip joint or leg joint pain. But now there is very minimal pain and migraine! And I am not perfect in being vegan yet. I just simply avoid foods that are high in omega 6.

The down side of being raw vegan:

  • Get tempted to eat cooked food like pizza, barbeques, warm rice, etc
  • You can’t buy fruits or vegetables all the time or stock them up long term (exception is nuts or seeds)
  • Not all have financial access to organic food even much fruits in its totally

So I hope you like my blog post about being raw vegan. To be honest, I am transitioning and still in trial mode.


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