Day 149 Careyer Coffee Grinder Review

Hi there!

First off, this is not a sponsored blog. Second, I just want to share the beauty and versatility of this product: Careyer Coffee Grinder.

I initially bought this back in February 2015 (I think) for my college thesis. I was able to buy it from Lazada Philippines and it cost me ₽1499.

So what’s a coffee grinder got to do with my college thesis. In case you didn’t know, I graduated BS Microbiology. And my group’s thesis was about the chitinase activity of halophiles or salt-loving bacteria. My group needed a powder version of chitin because the chitin we bought from China is chitin flakes. And my thesis group mate suggested that we should use coffee grinder rather than blender. 

©Rina, My Careyer Coffee Grinder~ It has been with me for more than a year❤️

So this coffee grinder has been with me and its first use is for chitin/shrimp exoskeleton. My classmate from a different thesis group borrowed this coffee grinder to make a powder version of their dried leaves for their thesis.

And last year too, my brother have their thesis and he needed a powder version of their dried fish bones. So he borrowed my coffee grinder on several occasions.

This Careyer Coffee Grinder is so versatile it can handle from leaves to nuts and even bones!

And now I’m on a one year gap, I use this coffee grinder to grind coffee, cinnamon and the latest is cashew nuts.

©Rina, (from left to right): Cashew nuts, coffee,cinnamon

So why there’s a cashew nuts on the list? Well, stay in tune in my future blog posts on how to make DIY Vegan Cheese! 🧀


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