Day 150 Effects after 5 days of trying to be vegan 

Hi there!

Many days ago, I posted a blog post of me planning to be vegan. Ever since I got home from Bicol to Rizal last May 27, I started trying to be vegan.

Here is a list of my eating schedule based on what actually happened:

May 27

  • 11:55 am coconut water diluted with water 
  • 12:39pm tomato, rice,kimchi,atsara/pickled papaya with carrots , calamansi water
  • 6:11pm Jollibee fast food: spaghetti with meat pieces (but I didn’t ate the hotdogs),iced tea, yum burger TOTALLY THIS IS NOT A VEGAN MEAL☹️
  • Dinner: past 9pm (but between 7-9pm I drank calamansi water): calamansi water, 1/2 avocado, 1 banana

May 28,2016

  • 2:01am 1 mug sambong tea
  • Past 9am 1 banana, calamansi water (with sambong tea bag)
  • Past 11am cashew nuts, half avocado
  • Past 12pm cashew nuts, peanuts
  • Past 4pm rice, ampalaya/bitter gourd with tomato paste,hot sauce,onion,garlic, berrymocha coffee THE COFFEE I DRANK IS NOT VEGAN IT HAS MILK
  • Past 5pm cashew nuts, peanuts, calamansi water 
  • Past 9pm calamansi water, mango, rice, ampalaya ulam left over, cornbeef with onion I ADMIT THE DINNER IS NOT VEGAN!

May 29,2016

  • Past 5am calamansi water
  • Past 10 am 2 bananas, calamansi water 
  • 11am cashew nuts
  • Past 12pm mango, calamansi water
  • Past 2pm  vegan spaghetti (with vegetable oil, sea salt,ground black pepper, bellpepper,eggplant,garlic,onion, tomato,spaghetti sauce,mushroom), vegan parmesan I made, calamansi water
  • Past 4pm cashew nuts, berrymocha coffee, peanuts THE COFFEE IS NOT VEGAN!
  • Past 7pm chocolate cake, calamansi water THE CAKE IS NOT VEGAN!

May 30,2016

  • 10:57am calamansi water
  • 11:22am mango
  • 11:29am calamansi water 
  • Past 12pm calamansi water, left over vegan spaghetti 
  • Past 4pm calamansi water
  • Past 6pm pancit canton calamansi, rice, calamansi water 
  • Past 7pm banana
  • Past 8pm red mongo + brown sugar, berrymocha coffee, calamansi water AGAIN THE COFFEE IS NOT VEGAN
  • Past 9pm rice, ulam( squash,gata,sea salt,ground black pepper,ampalaya,string beans,garlic,onion,green sili),calamansi water 

May 31,2016

  • Past 11am banana, berrymocha coffee COFFEE IS NOT VEGAN
  • Past 12pm calamansi water
  • Past 1pm rice, leftover viand squash with coconut milk, calamansi water
  • Past 5 pm calamansi water, banana
  • Past 6pm calamansi water
  • Past 7pm 2 mangoes
  • Past 8pm rice, calamansi water, leftover viand squash, cashew nuts 

As you can see, for the past 5 days, I tried eating vegan but there are meals and the coffee I liked is not vegan. And the effects after 5 days of trying to be vegan are the ff:

  • My eyes looks less puffy because of lower sodium intake
  • My nails grow longer and faster than before because of calamansi water
  • My arm fat is getting leaner
  • My second chin is less prominent than ever before
  • My abdomen is less bloated
  • My pooping is regular and usually becomes twice a day!

Last words, this is not the end of my endeavor to become a vegan/vegetarian. I will go on for 4 years until I finish studying Medicine from Adventist University of the Philippines.


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