Day 151 Sharing my Testimony against Roman Catholics

Hi there!

If you are a Roman Catholic, my testimony will shed light about its true spiritual nature.

And if you are a born again Christian, you will appreciate more the power of God.

This experience I will share happened today.

From dawn until lunch time, I have been doing my daily Bible reading. You see I read my ESV Bible and I also read my Tagalog New Testament Bible. And after the half day’s work, I went upstairs to the room to sleep for a few hours. And when I entered the room, I saw my Roman Catholic mother praying that demonic rosary!

And you know what? Her praying that demonic rosary attracted demons into the room. How did it happen? I was sleeping. And when a human sleeps, he or she is vulnerable to demonic attacks whether it’s her or his own fault or not! In short, I had a sleep paralysis sort of thing. But since I have the Holy Spirit of Yahweh inside of me, the sleep paralysis attacks was not as severe as it was when I was not a born again Christian. All throughout the sleep paralysis, I was fighting to be conscious but I couldn’t move. And I really hated that rosary demon! I could see my surroundings as if it was reality. And I forgot what I did but eventually I woke up. And when I finally woke up, I felt the Holy Spirit of Yahweh burning (menthol feeling) inside my heart.

Lesson learned: Rosaries are demonic! And you should know that! And it’s SUPER IMPORTANT for a person to have the Holy Spirit of Yahweh to be shielded from any form and sort of evil spirits wandering everywhere!


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