Day 157 Friendship Goals in Pampanga

Hi there!

After the Stylecon Asia event last Monday, I didn’t go to my home instead I went to my friend’s condo in Manila. Don’t freak out, she’s a girl and I’m already 22.

Last Tuesday, I bought Dominos pizza for my friends. It was like a pizza party in my friends’ condo because I passed the admission for Medicine and it’s been a long time since I saw my friends. I bought Veggie and Extravaganza flavors and it only cost ₽419 for 2 family size hand tossed pizzas!

Then today Wednesday, my friend invited us to her house in Pampanga! So we rode a UV Express in Trinoma to Apalit, Pampanga. Then from Apalit, my friend had her younger brother drive their Ford Ranger towards their house.

Then later in the afternoon before sundown, we went to their nearby beach. The beach wasn’t fancy. But it become special because I was with my closest friends!

Here our pictures for today!


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