Day 160 Reality of Death

It isn’t a good day for all Christina Grimmie fans.

The news on Christina’s death got viral today.

I’m not a huge fan of her. I first knew her as one who sang “Just A Dream” in her collab YouTube video.

Though I didn’t got heart broken as some of her fans did, I felt the reality of death. You see Christina died 22 years old! I’m also 22 years old but I thank God I’m preserved up to this moment. It really is a sad reality that people die and some die too early and in an unexpected situation.

And thinking throughout the day, I can’t help but think the reality of resurrection.

There are lots of Internet stories about people who experienced near death or got resuscitated back from the dead. Before I got into the wave of their testimonies. But as I get intimate with Lord Jesus Christ, I am skeptical now on people who had near death experience who claimed to saw heaven and hell.

So in the end only Yahweh knows if Christina Grimmie will receive eternal life.

Last words, while you’re alive here on earth, I urge you please get your salvation and guarantee of eternal life. Make peace with Yahweh God through the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ!



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