Day 164 Biblical Attitude Towards Parents

Hi there!

If you are familiar with the 10 commandments, you might know the 5th commandment “Honour your father and your  mother: that your days may be long upon the land which Yahweh your God gives you.”

This is the first commandment that has a promise and it is the first commandment directed to other humans.

Interestingly, the first up to fourth commandments talk about loving God above all else. And the fifth up to the tenth commandments are about loving your neighbors. Hence, the first step to loving your neighbors is honor your parents!

What an interesting realization I got from that?!

Also, the gravity of disobeying this commandment is as heavy as the first 4 commandments and that is stoning until the person dies. 

Personally, I’m not the ideal daughter. If Yahweh’s law is still as stringent as today, I’ll be stoned to death already for dishonoring my parents. I don’t know about you but I used to cursed my parents. I made them cry. I made them so angry at me and all they did was cry, yell at me and so get terribly angry at me. There were times I did not tell my parents the truth or I did not asked permission on something. I was and “maybe” still am a reckless, disrespectful and tactless daughter. Right now, I am much more milder than how I was when my parents get on my nerves. But there are those tendencies where my mouth is really tactless.

There are a lot of verses about parent-children relationships but I won’t elaborate on it because honestly I didn’t study it yet (?!). 

But how is our attitude towards our parents?

Honestly, I ain’t perfect. I have learned in any situation whether it’s your parent or not is to keep your mouth shut if you have nothing good to say. Atleast, that’s the first good step. And you keep yourself from planting grudges, bitterness and saying any cursed words.

Another, is to show non-verbal cues of respect which depends on your cultural background. In the Philippines, it’s all eye contact, nodding of the head, when greeting someone older you get their hand and touched it to your forehead.

Another is somehow be open and transparent to your parents. Atleast, on where you will go or how you’ll spend your money. The only thing I don’t share to my parents is my love life status like who are my crushes and who have I talked to or something. 

Ask permission. In the Bible, when a woman makes an oath, it should be approved by her father or her husband for her oath to stand and be valid. If the father or husband does not approve, the woman’s oath is not valid. If the father or husband was not present to hear the woman’s oath, her oath is invalid in God’s eyes. The essence of that is asking permission. 

From this point on, I don’t know what else are tips for a biblical attitude towards our parents. 

If you have any additional biblical attitude towards our parents tips, please comment below. (And please comment that are sensible and not argumentative.) 



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