Day 165 When Life Wears You Down | 1Kings 19:1-8

Hi there!

Are you like Elijah?

Let me ask you a few questions. 

  1. Are you Yahweh’s instrument to show Yahweh’s might and power to His people?
  2. Are you frustrated when after testifying about Yahweh’s greatness to people who still do not believe your testimony?
  3. Are you hiding away from your personal ‘Ahab’ and ‘Jezebel’?
  4. Are people giving you death threats because of your faith?
  5. After all you do as a faithful Christian, is it still not good enough for people to believe in the True Gospel?
  6. Do you believe you are one of fewest population of born again Christian people in the entire planet?
  7. Are you frustrated with other people’s idolatry?
  8. Are you disappointed after telling other people about the truth of their religion, they don’t believe your Gospel message of salvation?

If you answered “Yes” to most of the questions, you are like the old prophet Elijah.

Though you can’t make the land have drought for 3 1/2 years, the point is as a Christian we never run out of ‘weights’ that persecutes us and discourage us in life.

But you know what, even if Elijah prayed to God (Yahweh) to simply end his life of misery, frustrations and disappointments, Yahweh still encourages people who are like Elijah to live.

In 1Kings 19:1-8, Elijah lodged in the wilderness and prayed to God if he could die. Yahweh’s response to Elijah is a hot bread and a jar of water and ample sleep. It’s amazing how God provided Elijah the basic things in life to keep us moving on with our lives. So that we can continue on living and fulfilling our life’s mission. For Elijah, it was to anoint the next kings of Syria and Israel and his successor who was Elisha.

So when life wears you down, simply give thanks to God if God still continue to give you breathe, food, water, sleep and a home to stay.

God bless!


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