Day 172 I Loath Milk So Much (Vegan Thoughts)

I loathe milk so much!!!

As a vegan, I wanted to pursue a healthy body. As I dwell deeper in the vegan world, I realized a lot of ethical issues.

I had watched FullyRawKristina and FreeleeTheBananaGirl from youtube. I wanted to know more. Until I finally land to this website: “”

One of the articles from the website is about Japan’s dairy consumption study from 1950-1975 and the adverse efffects to people’s health. As a woman, I really wanted to know how milk affected the growth of a growing teenager girl. And it turns out milk is really bad for humans whatever the age group! In the Japanese study, they found out that the previous generation who had less to no milk/ dairy are generally taller and their menstruation starts average 15.2 years old. After 25 years, they found out the same age group of girls (12 years old) are shorter! Not only that the menstruation for girls start much earlier because milk has a lot of estrogen and progesterone in it.

And reading that it explains why I had my menstruation when I was 11 years old! I had it October of 2005! If ever I’ll have children, I will raise a vegan family!

There are a lot of issues with milk aside from hormone issues.

In conclusion, dairy milk is not suitable for all humans of all ages. Milk has a lot of pus, it’s carcinogenic, it is the number 1 allergen for all humans, it has toxic adhesive proteins (casein), it has casomorphin (an addictive substance with similar effects like opium), high levels of tryptophan which causes memory loss (!) and many more lethal substances in milk. Milk in its own kind should be contained within the same species. Cows milk for calves only. Goats milk for the kid (young goat)only. And human milk for human babies only (babies not adults)! 

Unless you want to have heart problems, have diabetes, have cancer, have debilitating problems with your health, consume milk and dairy products. No wonder the billion dollar dairy and milk industry wants to kill billions of people by this passiveness through human’s diet.

If you want to live a long life, follow God’s design from the very beginning that is plant-based diets!

To know more about why milk is not good for you, visit and read ” ”

For alternatives for milk and dairy products: try coconut milk, nut based milk (soy, almond, cashew, etc), avocado (for the creamy and healthy fats), fruits and veggies (for calcium). For cheese alternatives: nut based cheese (sad to say in the Philippines there are no products sold as vegan cheese), nutritional yeasts.


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