Day 173 Faith Like Potatoes

I just had grocery shopping and I didn’t noticed that my potatoes have a strange brandname. It’s brand is Jeremiah 2911! And below the brand label, it has the entire verse Jeremiah 29:11!

©Rina potatoes with Jeremiah 2911 on the packaging (it’s not that clear in the photo) and “Faith Like Potatoes” vcd

I was surprised that my commodity has God’s Word in it which is not that common in this ungodly world we’re living in. And to my surpise, that brand does not only sell, it also sells tomatoes. Aside from those two, I do not know what else.

And I showed those potatoes with Jeremiah 29:11 packaging to my dad and he said he was reminded of the movie “Faith Like Potatoes”.

And to my shock, I agreed and why did I forgot it too soon?

For all of you who does not know the movie “Faith Like Potatoes”, it’s a real story about a South African farmer and how his faith in Lord Jesus Christ molded him just like how potatoes grow. Potatoes grow underground. For potatoes to thrive, there should be enough water. And a farmer can’t see how his potatoes are growing. And for a farmer raising potatoes are expensive than corn. Faith, just like potatoes is not readily observable. It takes time, proper ‘nutrients’ and other things needed for faith to bear fruit in a born again Christian.


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