Day 174 Children’s Books

Distraught. Disappointed. Brewing some fight.

That was my day today.

I slept late past midnight and woke up late. 

I wanted to see OMF Lit books in National Bookstore so that I won’t buy it online. I was fascinated with their Hiyas Children’s Books. I got to scan and read the cover books of some but I did not planned to buy it. I’m trying to be wise in my expenses and so far I don’t really need a Children’s books. What I wanted was “Attitude 101” by Maxwell and “Taming your stress” by Pegues. And there were none. But the Children’s books I thought were good based on the cover are available. And here my dad wanted to buy a sling bag which is for me expensive. Come to think of it he also had other bags he owned. He borrowed money from me ₽500 from my hard earned summer income. I got the change ₽40. Initially I wanted to be reimbursed but I later thought ₽450 does not matter that much. So when he planned to give me ₽50 to slowly pay me up, I refused. Then he got angry at me. It’s not that I’m cocky or prideful that I get to have little money of my own. I just got angry with the necessity of him buying a bag which I found not to be a real necessity. He also asked if we can eat in a fast food in which I declined cause I know I’ll be the one to pay knowing there is not much vegan fast foods out there. And since we got into a fight, he taunted me that he won’t provide me tuition for my Medicine education. I wasn’t scared of his tauntings. Though I know for a fact the measly money that I have won’t get me even 1 year in Medicine.

Distraught. Bookstores. They suck. Disappointed. Fascinated by Children’s books. Didn’t bought anything. Frugality as a wise decision. Brewing a fight with my dad.


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