Day 176 Standing By The Heat

It was this afternoon.

Me and my mom just finished doing some chores for the other house, we decided to go home to our run-down home.

We were finally inside the village.

I was so drenched in sweat from walking more than a mile. The sun struck down my skin. It was hot. I could age a lot from being exposed always to that kind of sun exposure.

Suddenly a neighbor stopped my mom and they had a really long conversation. I didn’t stay for I know my mom’s tendency to talk for so long.

With two bags in my hand and my whole body drenched in sweat, I needed rest from the sun.

Bad thing is I don’t have key to our run-down home. I have key for the other house we’ve been but I didn’t get the key from my mom.

I kept waiting. And I was still drenched in sweat and the sunlight still scorching me by the porch.

Then a stranger who does not live in my village approached me and asked for donations for his medical mission outreach. He handed down an envelope and introduced he was “Bro. ____”. I didn’t pay much attention. I was by our gate waiting for my mom to come by and here I was with a stranger asking for alms. I gave him ₽50 or $1. You see I was an easy target because I was by the gate and easy to approach at compared to my neighbors’ closed doors. I was still drenched in sweat when that man approached me. It’s not like I despised the unlikely encounter. 

I missed call my mom several times so she will finally go home and open the door.

When she finally came, I am so happy to God I can finally have some shade.

But my attitude towards my mom is still rotten. The bag and umbrella she left at the gate, I brought in but the bag I just slammed it on the floor. You could say I still have a rotten attitude. And I know I need to change my attitude despite the fact I was drenched in sweat, stench, stiffness from standing and heat from the sun.

And here’s a rhetorical question: “How many of us can still keep a good attitude towards others despite the sweat, pain, hunger, long waiting we need to endure for somebody else?”


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