Day 182 My Love Affair With Taho (Silky Soy Curd)

Good morning!

What great way to drink (or eat) in the morning is the Filipino taho! 

Taho is made from soy bean curd (maybe like silky tofu) and it’s topped with caramel syrup and sago. I don’t know what to call sago in English but it’s similar to agar agar (I hope that makes sense).

So last night, I can’t stop thinking about eating in Soya Bar in this certain mall near my home. Soya Bar caters to a different soy products. The menu is kind of vegan but not entirely one maybe to cater to non-vegan customers.

And I thank God that God provided for me to wake up early so that I could watch out for the daily morning mangtataho (or taho vendor) around 8am. Sometime in the past, it was around 9am.

Since my mom is crafty, she suggested to use our very own highball ‘plastic’ containers instead of the taho vendor’s own disposable cups. And each cup is only ₽20! If I were to buy an 8oz taho in Soya Bar, it would be ₽30. I don’t know the capacity of our own highball plastic containers but maybe it’s around 12oz. What a huge difference compared to Soya Bar!

©Rina Taho (Filipino soy drink)

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