Day 184 Sambong Tea For My Hives

Hi there!

It’s been days since I have these hives in my fingers. And the prime suspect is the mosquito who bite me. Initially there weren’t any symptoms as if the mosquito bite was nothing. But later on it progressed into something really out of the ordinary. I developed hives on my right index finger being the worst. It was itchy. It has inflammation. It has little blisters (as if like little bubbles you just want to burst but should not). And it spread to my other parts like my right ring finger, then my left index finger, my right toes and my right inner thigh.

I hate it every time I have these hives because aside from its itchy and painful, it looks super disgusting. 

This wasn’t the first time this happened to me. It happened to me when I was in Mindanao in my paternal’s ancestral home and also in my maternal’s ancestral house.

Initially my only remedy back then is the hydrocortisone (steroid based product) which also made my 2nd degree burn on my right arm heal faster. Hydrocortisone helps lessen the inflammation. But it should be used for a few days only because excessive use has side effects. And the sad thing, these hives takes a long time to heal! 😞 I remember the last time I got hives in all my fingers, it took a week or more to heal. It was painful. It was highly discouraging. It made me think ‘Can I cut off my fingers so I won’t see and feel the pain?’ But ofcourse I can’t cut off any part of me just because it has hives, blisters or is inflammed and itchy.

And since I discovered the herbal plant Sambong (indigenous in the Philippines) when I got a really high fever which made me heal within an hour, I tried Sambong tea on my hives!

Sambong tea is herbal. It does not have any side effects like the hydrocortisone or other steroid based creams. Sambong has anti-inflammatory effects. And I applied it topically on my infected parts. At first, my hives calmed down a bit. But since my hives or allergic reaction to mosquito is so aggressive, I needed to apply Sambong tea several times in the span of days! Right now it’s like my 3rd day applying Sambong tea on my hives. It indeed lessen the inflammation and the itchiness but it transferred to other parts of my body. Whatever that is inside that mosquito who bite me, that thing is so aggressive! 😡 

And for people like me who have allergic reaction to insect bites, consider reading this article. Because of my past experiences with insect bites and its subsequent inflammation on my body, my self diagnosis is that I have anaphylaxis. What a sad thing.​

Final notes. Always opt for herbal solutions because it can save you money and from serious complications. Avoid mosquitos. Clean your house and your environment.


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