Day 187 “Siksik, Liglig at Umaapaw” Book Review| Invest

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The second step to being prosperous according to Ed Lapiz is INVEST.

Chapter title: Invest

Key points:

  • Investing our money or property on things that can give us interests/earnings.
  • Matthew 25:14-30
  • We are given by God based on our capacity and capabilities. 
  • God gives capital to each one of us. 
  • The Master will rebuke the lazy servant.
  • We should be business-minded: diskarte at sipag

Striking verse for me:

Matthew 25:29

For every one who has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.

Wrong mindsets the author pointed out:

  • Fear to invest or work hard equated to lazy and wicked creation.
  • ❌Spending (we should be wise stewards)
  • We spend the capital God gave use more than the earnings/ interests. 
  • Born poor. Die poor. (It should be your responsibility to rise out of poverty because you can decide if you want to be poor or be better.)
  • Buying trendy items that quickly go out of style while the hardworking parent is working his/her ass off for the family. There’s no justice to that. All family members should work or help for the family.
  • Laziness is a sin. (So be hard working or do something profitable and not in vain)

Right mindsets:

  • Faithful in little things equivalent to being faithful in much bigger or more valuable things.
  • Delayed gratification. Even if you have the means to buy a house, you should not buy ‘immediately’. Think it over if it is wise.
  • Know your place and worth. Rise out of poverty. The Lord expects our talents to be invested. The Lord expects profit from the capital that He gave us.
  • Work immediately from the talent/capital God gave us. We should not wait and do nothing.
  • Do you know that something is wrong with you if you are not busy?
  • When there’s a lot to be done, rise to the occasion. Sleep less and work more (if necessary).
  • When there is more to do, you just have to work more. Stretch your curtains, remember, stretch your tent.
  • When God gives you something whether a ministry or something, take care of it and don’t let it lose.
  • Do not be embarrassed by God-given wealth.
  • The Lord wants us to have abundance.

Last words: 

“Invest, brothers and sisters. The Lord expects productivity and profitability from prompt, sound and well-managed investments. Those that make much will be given more, those that make nothing will be punished with even more terrible nothingness.” -Ed Lapiz


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