Day 194 Benefits of Composting Your Kitchen Wastes

Hi there!

This topic maybe not be new to you but if you are living in a sub-urban to urban places, I find composting really valuable.

So infront of my run down house, my family has a small area for gardening. Before when I was growing up, we don’t care much about our kitchen wastes nor do we compost it to our garden pots or planters box. We just throw the vegetable or fruit peelings, left overs to the garbage and sometimes to the canal (or is it a river) behind my run down house.

And my mom is trying to grow dragon fruit, ginger and papaya in our very small garden in just pots or limited soil.

So my family decided whenever there is kitchen waste, instead of throwing it to the garbage can or river, we dump it over the pots or planters box infront of my house. Usually when someone compost they bury it to the ground so it would be neat and avoid the flies. Well for my family, we don’t bury it. We just top it over the soil. And because of that practice, there’s a lot of fruit flies and house flies at the entrance of my house. And it was amazing to see that the plants really grow well. My family has been doing this for more than a month now. My mother has manage to grow papaya and an ornamental plant in just 1 pot! Crazy right! And they are both healthy. Our ginger is thriving. And my mom manage to sprout the difficult to grow tomato. As for the dragon fruit, it’s thriving as well.

And another perks of composting aside from the plants thriving is animals go to your garden. I have seen lots of butterflies, little birds and some cats trying to sneek in my mini garden infront of my run down house.

Last words. No matter where you live, try to compost. You can compost in 1 pot and try to grow plants in another pot. Though it will be smelly, it won’t be as smelly as your bathroom. You can get to save garbage in the land fills or dump sites and you can make your own vegetables or fruits in the comforts of your home. Talk about a win win situation.


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