Day 195 Sambong Tea For My Sore Throat

Hi there!

I just want to share this amazing testimony about Sambong tea. If you are an avid reader of my blog, I have already used Sambong tea to heal me from my high fever and from hives. This time, it made my sore throat heal much better.

Last Tuesday, I went to my school AUP to pay for my dorm reservation. The travel time was super tiring. Going there took us like 5 hours and going home took us 4-5 hours. And we just COMMUTED. My family does not have a functional car. And because of the travel, traffic and inadequate food I ate that day, I incurred a sore throat. Every time I got sore throats, there will always be some sort of fever and the sore throat will eventually turn into a cough or a cold. So for the past days, it was difficult talking and my throat felt so dry and mucous-y. I didn’t have high fever but I could felt that my body has slight fever. Then Wednesday night, I finally can’t take this sore throat, I tried drinking Sambong tea. It made me sweat. And when I woke up, it made my sore throat clear up a little bit. But since this sore throat is aggressive (whichever sickness I have been was aggressive, and coz of that I need to fight), I needed to drink Sambong tea till Thursday. And at Thursday, instead of my mucous going down to my bronchii like what all sore throats do, my mucous went up to my nostrils. It was painful feeling the causative agent of my sore throat going up. And when I sneeze with the tissue, I saw this yellow mucous. Usually before, I would have a runny (clear white watery discharge) nose after the sore throat and it took several days for it to be a yellow mucous thingy.

So that’s my experience with Sambong tea. It’s really cheap. It’s super safe to everybody else (unless you are a pregnant woman or lactating mother, seek a scientific study about Sambong tea’s required dosage for your case). It’s effects are superb that it makes your illness even more aggressive but it will eventually heal up much faster.


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