Day 208 Why I don’t like stuff toys anymore

Hi there!

Why I don’t like stuff toys anymore?

Before I was a born again Christian, I really do like stuff toys. I had a dog stuff toy in elementary and I always carry it around in the house. I had several other stuff toys. When I enter college, I had a pillow size penguin stuff toy that I truly endear before.

But as I became a born again Christian, my eyes open to the idea that stuff toys are really harmful spiritually than what meets the eye. When I was a new born again Christian back in 2013 or 2014 (?), I was sleeping in my dorm. I had my penguin stuff toy near my face. And in my dream, I had a nightmare. That penguin stuff toy suddenly had a disfigured very scary face! It was really horrifying. 

And later on I came to know that stuff toys are literally idols or graven images. It may not be hard like those made in wood or stone or gold depicted in the Bible and in ancient civilizations but it really is a graven image.

So people please open your eyes that stuff toys are graven images! Those are cursed objects! Those stuffs toys are point of entries for demons to manifest or to oppress you!

Beware! Safety reminder from a concerned Born Again Christian 😊


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