Day 213 Things I’ll Miss

Boarding school life. Trying to be Miss Independent. Trying to be friendly.

Surely there are things I dearly missed after just one whole day starting out in a boarding school.

I’m in post grad studies. This is not like undergrad. Surely it will be ‘toxic’ as they said it would be. 

What I missed right now is Victory. Though I don’t proudly say I’m a member of it because truth of the matter, I have not discipled anyone yet nor have I brought anyone to Victory Weekend. I’m just a seldom church goer. Now that I’m far, it would take me semestral break to be able to see it again.

I experienced yesterday how it is to be in an Adventist environment. Truth of the matter, it was all new to me. I didn’t know that though they sing worship songs, it was from their SDA Hymnal. Something I can’t relate with. I was telling myself, I might learn it but I won’t embrace it. I won’t embrace it because I know I don’t want to be an Adventist. I respect their traditions. 

I also missed my house, the wifi and my own schedule of things and that is to sleep late and wake up late.

Here again I’m back to school, back to routinary work.

I hope and pray I’ll be able to work resolutely.

In this short time of life here on earth, this Med education is my lot in life.


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