Day 215 My First and Last Youth Service For 2016

Hi there!

Warning this blog post will be both in English and Filipino.

Yesterday, after finishing enrolling, I went home to my house in Rizal from Silang, Cavite.

I thank God I was able to finish the enrollment process allowing me to go home. And yesterday I thought, I can’t go on a Sunday service in Victory Metro East because I have the White Coat Ceremony event for incoming freshmen Medicine students on Sunday. And I had a wild idea ‘why not attend youth service tomorrow Friday 5pm at Victory Metro East?’ And I did. So I really thought about it and God prospered my decisions.

Then today Friday came. I really set up my alarm so I would really go to the youth service. 

Early morning, I slept and downloaded some Medicine ebooks.

Then at past 3pm I went to Sta. Lucia Mall to buy a new usb and to eat at Soyabar.

I really do love milk teas. But ever since I have learned the negative impact of dairy on a human’s body, I tried to switch to vegan alternatives. Vanilla soy bubble milk tea for ₽60. And my verdict is 100% vegan!

©Rina Soyabar vegan milk tea!😍

Then at past 4pm, I went to Robinson’s Metro East. I lingered for a while in the CR and on the bench before I finally went up to the 4th floor to enter the hall of Victory Metro East.

And the topic for today’s youth service is “#Goals”.

Before I continue to retell what ‘#Goals’ is about, I would like to appreciate the beauty of youth services. By the way, I’m born again and Victory Metro East is passionate about honoring God and making disciples. 
As always youth services are lively as ever!

Those young people are amazing. They have such vigor.

Playful lights as ever. Loud music. It’s like a party. 

©Rina Victory Metro East youth service (before it happened)

So for the time of giving, the verse is Deuteronomy 16:17. We are able to give because God has given us the ability to give.

And my favorite youth pastor for Victory Metro East is Pastor Dean. When I was in college, I used to attend Victory U-belt amd my favorite pastor there is Pastor Roland Vizcarra.

He started out how we all have goals in life like travel goals, family goals, squad goals, fitness goals, relationship goals and move on goals. He continue on that not all goals are worth pursuing.

Lessons I learned:

  • God has a goal for your life.
  • God has a plan/goal.
  • How do we know it? Through His Word.
  • Luke 1:26-35 about the teenage Mary and her obedience to God’s goal for her life and for the whole humanity
  • Matthew 1:18,19
  • Sometimes God’s goal for us is scandalous, makes no sense, would get us into trouble
  • Can God’s goal make me significant?
  • (Wrong mindset:) Goal: making a name for ourselves (good reputation)-> wrong identity 
  • We strive for success therefore we reject God’s goal for us. 
  • Rejecting God’s goal is scarier, we got in even more trouble, makes us more nonsense, do you have peace?
  • Life without God. Where do you turn for answers?
  • Living a life without God is scarier, no hope for a change in your life. 
  • Who do we think we really are when all the temporal achievements in life are gone?
  • Our identity should come from God and from Him alone because He created us.
  • Our identity in Christ (Luke 1:28) Favored one and God is with us
  • An identity from God is received not achieved.
  • You’ll never know your true identity if you don’t know God.
  • Accept God, identity from God will come
  • She (teenage Mary) accepted God in her life, she accepted God’s goals, she know her identity from God.
  • Decision to follow God.
  • Ephesians 2:10 God’s worksmanship, your important coz God created you.
  • Grades does not define who you are.
  • Confidence, achievement does not define who you are
  • John 3:16 God has done for us
  • Eternal life = all our sins are forgiven, we receive God, be with God forever!

And since I put it in my heart to enjoy the youth service, some of the worship songs, I learned on spot and I really sing my heart out even if I was not in tune. After the worship, when the pastor is about to introduce the topic, it rained so hard outside the mall there was a short brown out but that didn’t stop the youth service. Even I was alone in the youth service, eventually my long lost friend from Victory Metro East saw me and hugged me. She was my friend from 2014 when I got into Victory Weekend. And I thank God for God’s favor on me and everyone who were with me because a lot of young people surrendered their lives to Jesus as their Lord and Savior! The altar call was so jam packed. So many passionate youth in the area. 

And the memorable lines from the worship song we sang was:

🎶We’re in position, Jesus our mission, We’re gonna let the whole world know🎶🎶🎶

When I got outside Robinson’s Metro East, it was raining and a lot of stranded people. But since I got God’s favor on me, I was able to find a jeep and found remaining seat. I thank God that after I got down from the jeep, God’s favor and faithfulness shown to me by allowing me to cross the road with ease. (Pak Ganern!)

True enough. With simple obedience, God’s favor is evident. 

I’m so spiritually recharged! (Pak ganern!)


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