Day 217 The Only White Coat Ceremony in the Philippines

Hi there!

Today is a special event for me and it’s called “White Coat Ceremony”. This practice is common for incoming Medicine students in the USA but in the Philippines only Adventist University of the Philippines holds this practice. Basically the incoming students are robed by the Faculty of the College of Medicine with the prestigious status symbol which is the ‘white coat’.

So I won’t post any photos for this event because I have problem with my data (but I’m typing it in the laptop so never mind).

This event proper was fairly more than 2 hours.

The most special part of the event I liked the most is the Inspirational Message from Dr. Peter Noël Landless. I love the way he prayed it truly touched my heart. And also the Bible verses he used as the main topic for his inspirational message this year are verses super dear to me. He quoted from Revelation 3:7-8. I almost cried (and my eyes were teary-eyed) and it’s true. He further explained that this opportunity to be a physician is an open door from God. And being a physician, we are signing up for pain because we should be compassionate physician partaking in the pains of our future patients. He also said that as a physician, our main duty is to extend the healing ministry of Lord Jesus Christ. And as we embark on our journey, he advised us to enjoy each step of our development and to always learn from our mistakes. On a side note, I observed that he has an amputated right index finger missing the distal and intermediate phalanges. And he encourage us that the body without the hands is vain. And I felt his pain. I wouldn’t like to lose a phalanges or an entire hand. And he said whenever there is a door, you sometimes hold out your right hand to open it. He said to further emphasized the importance of not losing your hands or phalanges. There are a lot of good points he made at that inspirational message but I can only remember these much. His last words were “The door is open, will you go?”

In line with that, I remembered the Victory Worship song entitled “Ready To Go” (just a side track).

Then after Dr. Landless’ Inspirational Message, we batch 2020 were lined up to be put on the white coat by groups of 7 or 6. Then after the putting on of the white coat, we were given free books. I remember the last time I was given a free book in an event I attended was the one last year at Discipleship Event called “Now” in Victory Metro East. I was handed down a free ESV Bible and this new One2One booklet. Anyway, the free books I got are the following: Free Bible Verse New Testament, The Ministry of Health and Healing by Ellen G. White (SDA people love her so much), and The Ministry of Healing Study Guide by Jon Paulien.

And for the last part of the program, the batch 2019 sang “Amazing Grace” in piano version. And “Amazing Grace” is the ONLY SONG I CAN RELATE TO EVER SINCE I STEPPED IN AUP.



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