Day 226 “Taming Your Tongue” Book Review: The Slandering Tongue

Hi there!

Continuing with my book review of “Taming Your Tongue” by Deborah Smith Pegues, this is Day 9 of 30 days devotional.

Topic: The Slandering Tongue

Key Bible Verses:

  •  Proverbs 10:18
  • Psalm 15:1-3
  • 3 John 1:10
  • Psalm 75:6-7
  • Isaiah 14:27
  • Proverbs 13:3
  • Philippians 4:8


  • Slanderers make false or even true statements to harm a person’s reputation, character, good name
  • What are your motives? Do you envy him/her? Did he/she hurt you? Are you insecure?
  • Diminishing the image of others won’t enhance your own image
  • Resorting to slander proves you have not embraced God’s promises
  • Since God has secured our destiny and has promised to avenge all wrongs perpetrated against us, we should not slander
  • Greek word for ‘slander’ is ‘diabolos’=’devil’
  • Slandering is sowing evil seeds that will have consequences

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