Day 248 Separation= Death



It’s painful.

I once read in “Taming Your Tongue” that death is a separation of two things. The first death is the separation between the body and the soul. And the second death is the eternal separation between God and man’s soul.

And I confirmed from a reliable source in internet ( that the Bible interprets death as separation.

Even in a non-Biblical point of view, separation from your loved ones is liken unto a death of something part of you.

So before you sleep tonight, ponder on “Am I gonna experience the second death? If not, why?” and “Are there people dear to me going to experience second death?”

First death will surely come upon all, whether righteous (because of Jesus Christ) or condemned sinner (because he/she did not accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior).

But are you sure enough second death won’t come upon you?

There will be resurrection unto eternal life in the presence of God and resurrection unto eternal fire which is complete separation from God’s presence.

Separation is difficult and painful. Will you make a right decision now?

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