Day 251 New Found Friends

Hi there!

I’m in post grad studies. And since I’m back to school but in a new environment, I need to make friends.

So most of my classmates are Adventist people. Most of the alumni of AUP who are my classmates are Adventist. And it has become my mindset ever since I knew those facts that it’s difficult to be friends. But remarkably there are some friends who are truly genuine and truly care. I found out I was not the only born again Christian. I’m so biased with this because I’m not very sure about the belief system of my classmates. I can just  assume a little because of their religious affiliation.

And I thank God I found a Baptist classmate who is super willing to go with me to Victory Sta. Rosa Nuvali someday. I really thought before she was an Adventist that is why I’m kind of distant to her. Oh, I was so wrong. Thank God the barrier is breaking down. Sometimes a person shouldn’t have unwarranted prejudices because it can hamper the birth of new friendships. And I need to learn that part in my life journey.

And I also have Roman Catholic friends whom I tried to warm up them about their beliefs like hell, purgatory, idols (aka Catholic saints and mary). And I hope someday, with a car I will be able to persuade them to attend Victory.

Just like I said in my previous blog post, I need to get along with these God-ordained friends. 

Do you believe God has placed in your life to be a part of your circle of friends? 


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