Day 253 PCBS in the Campus📚

Hi there!

Last monday, I wanted to resolve my problem about the ₽5,500 I paid for my dorm which was not yet credited to my account so I went to the Accounting Office underneath the Library. At the entrance of the Library there was a stand where PCBS (Philippine Christian Bookstore) sells Christian books. [In UST, there are nothing like that because it’s Catholic and PCBS caters to more Protestant-like religions). 

I never expected I would see or buy books from PCBS inside the campus?! It was such a shocker to me. And since it was all cheap (like ₽95,₽100,₽125), I can’t help but buy. I really love John Maxwell books so I bought some books that are available. I find “When a good God allows rape” (₽100) to be really controversial that I wanted to read it. This was much cheaper than the one sold in Buqo where in it was ₽195. And the last one is a book by my favorite auhor Hiram Pangilinan. And the title “Be Healed” is related to my profession which involves diagnosing diseases and illnesses.

I do hope I have extra time to read these amazing books.



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