Day 254 Self-Improvement 101

Hi there!

Before I share my reflections on John Maxwell’s book “Self-Improvement 101”, I want to share my experience during my second block exam in Med school.

In my school, our curriculum is not the traditional set-up. There are weeks or more that we focus on one module then have a block exam for that module before starting to the next module. In short, that block exam accounts as a final exam.

Last week Monday, I had my second block exam. It covered topics on Family Medicine (Primary Health Care, Maternal and Child ‘something’, Immunization topics), Epidemiology and some SDA-teachings. It was 120 items all in all. Every time there is a block exam, my goal is always to have atleast 80% of the total items. But sad to say in block 2 exam and in the previous quiz, I did not reached that 80% mark. (Huhuhuhuhuhuhu).

Truth of the matter, my real score is 92. But my professor put 93.5. She failed to see that I had a mistake in the Part II of the exam where in I failed to write my answer because I overlooked it and she in checking it overlooked it as well. But I placed a comment near my score at the upper right what happened and how my score should only be 92 not 93.5. And I should have placed that comment at the upper left instead of the upper right corner of my answer sheet because my professor instructed us if there are any comments it should be written at the upper LEFT corner. You see I fail to follow instructions sometimes. You see there are times that even if I see or hear, I FAIL to understand!

And that’s the point I want to share in this blog post today. How can I self-improved myself in the manner of not being careless or out of focused.

If I was careful enough in answering PART II of my block 2 exam, I could have gained 3 more points. And that 3 points is a lot no matter how seemingly insignificant! You see if we can be less careless, we could gained points no matter how small the degree of increase it could give us.

In John Maxwell’s book on “Self-Improvement 101”, there are people who are not successful because they fail to self-improve. They also fail to learn something new. They also fail to act now because their wrong mindset settled for procrastination when they can do significant little things NOW.

You see what you do at the present is what is important. You can’t put off to later something that is important.

Also, for people to be successful, John Maxwell said that people should GROW. People who are successful loves to grow or to develop their knowledge, skills and attitude. They are not stagnant in where they are now or feel sufficient in where they are at the moment. We should desire to be better always. When you think you have reached the goal, think again. It is humbling to know that we can’t know that much or think we are already perfect in our own eyes. 

Lesson learned. I can’t strive to always compare myself with my classmates’ high scores but I can strive to improve myself by doing things NOW, being more careful (bawal maging t@#%^), remove doubt as much as possible, be more FOCUSED and being more resolute in working everyday!

Rhetorical question: What mini-goals do you do everyday that help you self improve as the days go by?


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