Day 257 RIP iPhone 6 :(

Hi there!

I just want to share how my iPhone 6 died on me. It didn’t really died. It just got a broken screen. It happened last Tuesday afternoon while I was holding on to my iPhone while doing my thing in the bathroom. For SO MANY times I held my iPhone inside the CR and several times it fell, last September 13, 2016 was the day I didn’t TRULY EXPECT that my iPhone will finally receive a crack on the screen. Despite the crack, it can still function. But I am ashamed to show off the damage. I don’t know how I’ll survive in the future. But I remember God’s promise that He’ll make all things new. I’m not asking my parents to buy me a new one. It’s like I want to know God’s will first. But if you will ask me which brand of phone I prefer, I like Apple better than Android.

Last words for this blog post: BAWAL MAGING TANGA! If you are a person prone to dropping things, keep it safe. I’ve learned my lesson. I don’t know what to do. So for you and me, let’s seek God’s wisdom! 😀


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