Day 261 Getting Used To Brokenness

It’s been a week since my iPhone got cracks on its screen. For some time I was ashamed to show it off. But there are times I really need to use my iPhone even if it does not look decent anymore. Part of the brokenness is accepting it is broken and yet it still has a purpose. I have learned to accept the brokenness of my situation by allowing myself and others to see and use my iPhone without trying to hide it that much. But even if I am learning to accept what has become of my iPhone, there are times I cover my iPhone with my hand to cover the cracks.

(P.S. Today my college had Medicine Fair in our building. I saw a senior high student who kind of looks like my crush from Church. And I think they are the same age (cause my crush is 17 years old). And there is no electricity power in the campus. Thank God for the generator in the COM building. So my blog post is short more like a diary! 😝😚😬😃)


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