Day 263 Day In A Med Life

Good evening there!

Lately, I am been uploading my blog posts in the evening due to the fact that my topics are consumed and I just stick to daily inspirations.

This will be boring because I’ll just write here what I do in a day (specifically today Thursday) in a Medicine student life.

Basically I don’t have much online social life. I do get a few face to face interactions but since I’m still in the classroom set-up, my interactions with people are quite limited.

For a Medicine student, it’s important to wake up early and I usually wake up 4am sometimes past 5am. I do this to prepare my food or take my daily morning movement in the bathroom or just plainly study. Sometimes it is to download notes/pdfs at this time because internet connections are really fast.

So for Medicine student’s class schedule it usually starts 7am or 8am. It depends to the school’s curriculum. But my class for this block is around 7:30am. Despite me living inside the campus, I still just want to wake up early.

During morning preparations, I usually read my daily Bible readings. I do this at the morning because as a Medicine student, we are ought to read a lot. I better get Bible reading done in the morning than never being able to do it later. I also usually print my class notes. Other people just simply use their tablets or laptops. Even if I can utilize those things too, I find it more retentive to have it in my hands in the form of hard copy.

The class schedule for Medicine student varies from time to time. But most of the time, the doctor-professor will give a lecture on a certain topic. Sometimes there’s a group activity or a group presentation. In my case, I find it that almost every Thursday we have this group activity in the afternoon. At first, it was nerve wracking for me. But later on I just get used to speaking in front with a mic. Yes, we do use mic and amplifier/speaker in class. It’s also important for an aspiring Medicine student to be sociable or at least able to communicate with others. In Medical school, there are really a lot of small group discussions, plenary discussions, problem based learning discussions, group presentations, physician-patient interactions, and sometimes recitation. And what makes this interactions the best is if you are grouped with bright group mates (Thank You Lord for my group mates). A while ago, my group presented a family case study. I contributed to the power point presentation but the best thing is that all of my group mates contributed making the output a great one. My panelists and my classmates praised my group’s power point presentation. So happy to be with them. ❤

And the usual dismissal of a Medicine student is 5pm earliest (unless the class was cancelled it would be much earlier) or the latest would be 7pm. And since today we got off kind of early (past 5pm), there was a Med week Forum which was held. I attended it just for the sake of being able to socialize (though not much, I just want to be in the presence of other people and not locked up in my dorm). That Forum was intended for aspiring Medicine students. But nevertheless I kind of learned.

Then at night, Med students usually study or do their requirements. And me, I just want to chill out a bit though I know my Monday quiz next week will be a very heavy one.

Usual bed time is 10pm but I do know some Medicine students really sleep past 12am. For me, I can’t do that.

And that is the basic overview of my boring schedule (just so I can continue writing for my self inflicted 1000 days blog challenge).


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