Day 268  PBL in Medicine

Hi there!

PBL or problem based learning is now the trend in most Medical schools in the Philippines. Each group within a section are given a mentor (a licensed doctor) and a chief complaint will be presented. And from that chief complaint, we need to be asking a lot of questions and extract the history, physical examination findings and laboratory results and make our own differential diagnosis.

Yesterday, we were all grouped for that PBL sessions. My groupmates were not what I expected but that’s alright they are bright people. All the while I thought I can actively participate but I discovered a barrier: the usage of jargons. How I wish I have a Medical dictionary of the terms used in history charts or p.e. findings. I was slightly lost yesterday but it wasn’t too bad because the chief complaint was slightly related to the topic of blood we had last week.

And PBL sessions are individually graded. It made me realize this might need some acting skills because we need to come prepared as if all the informations are in the hand not on gadget and not muh on paper. They reasoned out this is post grad life and that’s life!

Anyway this is a picture 👇🏻of the mini-classroom exclusively for my group’s PBL session for this whole semester. I don’t know what more will happen in this room but it will definitely be a journey!

©Rina PBL room📚



One thought on “Day 268  PBL in Medicine

  1. Hi, I recently crossed into your blog! I’m a first year med student in PH too! I know the feeling of having a PBL. In our school, we call it SGD or small group discussions. Apparently, this week, our topic for SGD is about the heart. As a matter of fact, I’m currently preparing for it right now..

    I wish you good luck and may God bless you on your journey too of becoming a great doctor.

    I love your blog, by the way
    ❤ Inelle

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