Day 270 Season For Everything 

Good afternoon!

©Rina patch of pretty flowers (like me~☺️)

I saw a small patch of flowers near my apartment building while walking home to my apartment during my ISP (individual study period). I needed to stop and take a picture of it. They weren’t exactly big flowers as it may look like by the angle of the shot. The flowers is just about the size of my thumb in reality.

As this week is about to end, I can’t stop wondering of what has become of my crush. He is 5 years my junior and I knew about that by the year level he is in. Also, I don’t know his name. I just happened to saw him in one of the events in my college. I also saw him everytime I ate at the cafeteria for lunch. The sad thing is this week, I just ate at the cafeteria once and the rest of the week I ate at my dorm because I’m a self cook person. So I asked God ‘is it possible for a relationship to blossom between me and him?’ The bad thing about me is I day dream and imagine a lot of things even to the point of ‘what if I marry that guy?’ or ‘what would my future be like with him?’ Again I never talked to him, never knew his whole name and I just saw him. I’ve talked it out with some of my close friends and all we could talk about is based on my own perspective. I shouldn’t be surprised if later on my crush wouldn’t like me back because he might like somebody else or he’ll learn I’m not an Adventist. 

Lesson learned: Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not insist of its own. God has made everything beautiful in its time.


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