Day 272 Celebrating Two Months In Med School🎉

Good morning!

Today is the first day for October. Looking back for the months that passed, there were a lot of ups and downs. 

In my two months experience in Med school, it was a lot different than undergrad but there were similarities.

I survived two months Med school even of there are things new to me. Unlike my one classmate who surrendered early September because she can’t take the pressure and the culture. You see studying Medicine should be backed up by an unyielding, very strong resolve. If I took Med school last year, I may quit already. So before I really pursued applying for AUP, I really prayed, cried, prayed hard. God molded in me a strong resolve to take up Medicine not because of other people’s wishes or desires but because it really is my decision. I decided to be here because I want that healing and wholeness be experienced by other people in which I myself experienced personally from Lord Jesus Christ.

In two months in Med school, I learned a few things. I learned how to take history taking, physical examination, to think critically to come up with a diagnosis, family medicine. There are things I quite know in undergrad. 

In two months, I gained new friends and become quite distant with some. I still can’t be close friends with some maybe due to intimidation or I don’t want to have any ulterior motives.

These two months has been juicy. I encountered with live people and I’m about to encounter our dead male cadaver. I pray I won’t get frightened and I pray nothing unusual will happen. Also, I discovered I could do things if only I can be a bit braver. In terms of love life, infatuations come and go. I wonder if somebody will actively pursue me confrontationally.

Happy studying!


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