Day 282 Gray Areas

Good morning!

In Med school, quizzes and exams are inevitable not to have gray area questions. These are the questions that are partly true and partly false and the fine line between the two is almost overlooked at.

I remembered in my Clinical Medicine’s first long exam. I didn’t know the physical examination findings and their terminologies. And aside from that there were gray area questions that really tests my knowledge and discerning powers. In cases I know this information among the choices and I don’t know the other choices. And then the question goes on which does not belong to the group. It’s really tricky! 

I believe board exams or entrance exams have a lot of gray area questions too.

In life, we need to know the fine line between black and white. We can’t settle being in a gray area. Being in a gray area makes us double minded. God does not desire us to be double minded. It’s either we choose black. Or we choose white. There’s no inbetween.

We need discernment. And we can only get that from Lord Jesus Christ who is our Wisdom.


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