Day 286 Cadaver Dissection Thoughts Part 2

Good morning!

I just want to share what happened to me yesterday.

Previously (Day 284 Cadaver Dissection Thoughts) I was sharing how we had our first dissection in Med school. And yesterday, I finally touched the male cadaver. I wore double gloves. I wore double masks. I wore my safety goggles and removed my glasses. I got a hair covering from the lab custodian. I brought my scalpel blade, tissue forceps and scissors. Since I didn’t have a yarn to label my instruments, I thank God for innovation. I saw pieces of red rubber bands in my room and made it a sign that those surgical instruments are mine.

So our surgeon professor told us to open up the hands, cut off the pectoralis major to reveal the pectoralis minor and other deep structures like the brachial plexus and axillary artery. Me and my groupmate cut open the deltoid and alienate the biceps brachii revealing the short head and long head.

And before cutting him up, I really requested that the face remained covered because I don’t want to see the cadaver’s face while I’m dissecting.

And I realized touching a dead person (for a long while dead) infused heavily with formalin will not be brought back to life. Previously I shared my fears that a heavily anointed Christian might resurrect a dead person by touching him/her. And true enough my misperception is wrong. But I still believe resurrection is possible and if it is God’s will.

And another thing, my group’s cadaver is the only one who is fatter and fresher in formalin appearance than the other 3 groups’ cadavers. Our group’s cadaver muscles looks like beef really! And because of that I will try not to eat red meat. And thank God I don’t have any nightmare whatsoever because my strength is Lord Jesus Christ.

Honestly with the upcoming quiz on Monday about the upper extremities, anatomical planes and movements, and integument, I still don’t memorize the structures and where they are.

Happy studying to me.📚📚📚😐😅


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