Day 287 Mini-Harvest From The Small Pot

Good morning!

So last friday evening, I went home from my boarding school. It was a long travel and several side trips to shop.

And yesterday morning, my dad showed me the fruit of the small plant, bitter gourd and tomato growing in the slightly big clay pot at our second floor window. Yehey! At long last, we can grow our own veggies (tho tomato is a fruit). Although it isn’t much but it only proves that each household can grow their own vegetations which they can eat from their own clay pots at home. The secret to these harvest is by recycling your biological wastes in the kitchen. If you have a lot of bone fish or fish oils or discarded left over fish, and vegetable/fruit peelings, put in on a clay pot with soil. Let it decompose. Although it will really smell bad at first, it will yield a healthy harvest in a span of 1 month! Since the bitter gourd and the tomato are sharing one pot, there are just a handful of harvest. But I believe if each household can do this, there would be less hunger in our nation. 

So be resourceful. Plant your own garden from clay pots. Use your left overs as fertilizers. Let it decompose first in the soil. Water it. And it will surely grow and bear fruit. 😬😆😃🍅🍅🍅🍅

©Rina Bitter gourd/ampalaya and tomato organically self grown

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