Day 291 Signal No.5 Typhoon

Good morning!

Though it may not be a good morning to some typhoon-stricken areas in the Philippines, but let’s thank God for this brand new day He made!

It’s a first for me to see a public storm warning in the Philippines reaching signal no.5 the highest storm warning.

For the news link:

So based on the news article, typhoon ‘Lawin’ entered Philippines and intensified around 2pm. Around this time, I was having my cadaver dissection at the basement of the COM building. I was having a hard time trying to remove the fascia of the knee, leg and foot. I have no idea what’s going on outside. It was windy when I got home around 6pm. 

Weather is crazy. I could remember last Sunday, there was typhoon ‘Karen’ and in Victory Metro East Church, we prayed for the typhoon to dissolve and it went away speedily (if my memory serves me right). Now a stronger typhoon on its way. Good thing, in Cavite where I am right now, it’s just signal no.1. 

So for the people in the northern parts of Luzon, I will pray for your welfare!


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