Day 292 Listening To Learn

Good noon!

My day as Medicine student is not yet over. In a short while, I’ll be having another quiz related to Anatomy and Physiology. And it’s all about the lower extremities, physiology of bones and muscles. Honestly, these are all overwhelming. Even if yesterday’s class was suspended, I can’t master everything in just one day. This morning, we had a reinforcement in the cadaver laboratory. Basically we studied the structures in preparation for the upcoming practical exam next week. I don’t even mastered the structures yet. And what I did I roamed around the other groups and kept on listening to the smart ones. Sometimes humility and wisdom goes hand in hand. I humbled myself to listen to my fellow classmates explaining different parts in their respective cadavers. My group’s cadaver is really fresh. I kind of despised it. I liked other group’s cadavers. It isn’t as fresh as my group but I liked the dryness of the structures of other groups’ cadavers.

P.S. Thank God the typhoon went out of the country but I feel sad because of the overwhelming anatomy and physiology. I feel sad that my face becomes a bit uglier because I don’t apply aloe vera gel anymore (I run out). And I feel sad, my earphones are broke. Sorry for this sad and short blog post today. 😞😔


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