Day 296 Anatomy 😒

Good evening!

Just a while ago, I finished my practical exam for block 4 (anatomy of upper and lower extremities) whichc lasted only for 2 weeks!!!!

©Rina Anatomy reviewers on upper and lower extremities

All these review materials ( not included the videos and other resources I touched on) and I still can’t  fully grasp/ master anatomy.

Before the exam, I was really feeling sad and wanted to cry. I thank God for my room mates (who are my classmates) who helped me review (atleast some informations we shared came out in the practical exam).

Imagine all that reading materials (not the totality of it all) for 2 weeks which is really short. The practical exam was partly easy (identify the structure and it was common structures) and partly difficult (innervation or blood supply of structure pointed at, and clinical correlations).

Anyway, time to shift gear and do something else. This week ain’t over yet.


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