Day 297 Brain Dissection 

Good evening!

Today is a different kind of dissection we had in anatomy where in we get to dissect/ harvest the brain (my other classmates on the spinal cord) because block 5 is all on Neuroanatomy.

Our class was scheduled to start at 1pm. But we got down to the cadaver lab around 1:30pm. Upon arriving to our cadaver, the skull has been cut already revealing the brain with its meninges. The one who cut the skull is our lab custodian and I believe one male classmate of mine (who repeated first year Medicine the second time around). So the remaining task for my group was to remove the meninges, identify the structures, and harvest the brain intact.

Removing the brain ain’t easy. The brain is positioned snug fit inside the cranium. And if you think about it, God’s design is amazing because He made secure our brains. So it took us more than an hour to remove the dura matter and cut off the connections between the brain and other nerves in the cranium holding it in place. Around 3:36pm my group was able to successfully harvest the brain with the help of my surgeon professor who did the last removal of the brain from the cranium.

On a side note, the dura matter look like the covering of pomelo when you want to peel it. It’s really durable and kind of thick membrane compared to the inner coverings that are adhered to the surface of the brain.

I didn’t helped that much in my group’s dissection. The greater efforts of removing the dura matter and cutting off the brain’s connections are my petite groupmate and my huge guy groupmate. I can’t even stand the entire time they are studying the insides of the cranium because my foot just hurts (I think I have high arch foot that’s causing my plantar fasciitis). 

And lastly, upon the closer examination of my surgeon professor with our cadaver’s brain, he discovered a plaque. And because my group’s cadaver is kind of fat, that explains why there is a plaque in the brain.


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