Day 298 Trying To Be Vegan

Good afternoon!

I didn’t attend morning’s class because I got really sleepy in the morning and I slept really late.

And good thing when I attended the 1pm class, it was later announced that it became Individual Study Time so I went with my classmates who group studied in Starbucks.

And ofcourse, I have to buy in Starbucks. So I really wanted to taste Matcha in such a long time. And I ordered Matcha-Espresso. And the sad thing is there is milk in its recipe. So I really beg the cashier man not to include milk after several minutes discussions. And I paid for the same price for a grande.

Taste wise bitter but I’m used to bitterness. It’s so healthy without the milk and I know not all people will appreciate Starbuck drinks without milk. So this is my attempt to be vegan again.

©Rina Starbucks Matcha-Espresso Grande with no milk!!!!

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