Day 299 Value Life

Good evening!

My class every Friday is mostly Clinical Medicine. And our internist professor taught us how to conduct neurological (can also be mental test) test to our future patients. As always in every kind of physical or neurological examination, the consent of the patient should always be a priority. 

And the neurological test is basically to test the efficiency of the 12 cranial nerves (both voluntary or involuntary/reflex responses).

And though he was an internist, he knew ofcourse the basics but a neurologist’s approach in diagnosing a patient would be slightly different. And he emphasized the importance of conducting the tests on 12 cranial nerves whether or not the patient is conscious or unconscious. And he emphasized that it is life or death and the approach on the management of the disease based upon conducting tests on the 12 cranial nerves. 

And I quote:

Value life.

-Doc G.F., internist


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