Day 307 Everything Aloe Vera

Good morning!

This will be a quick blog review on aloe vera gels.

I like aloe vera gel for my face and body instead of using lotions or face moisturizers/anti-aging creams. First, it’s organic (tho there are some which has preservatives; it’s partly organic still). Second, absorbs better than lotion. Third, personally it made my skin around the eyes less dark and puffy. Fourth, it makes my skin hydrated which makes my skin look younger.

I first bought 100% aloe vera gel from Lazada Philippines. It’s a korean brand which I can’t read. It only cost me ₽250 at a discounted price + courier fee.

Recently, I have seen that Bench has also aloe vera gel and aloe vera mist spray. It costs around ₽189. For me that is a good buy though it only comes at 94% aloe vera. But it works just the same as my experience with the 100% aloe vera.

©Rina aloe vera gel works wonders for my skin~~😊😌👍🏻😀😬😉

And recently, I dropped by to compare Nature Republic’s display of aloe vera gels. It costs ₽245 for 92% aloe vera gel (same volume as the once I mentioned around 300ml). I didn’t buy from Nature Republic.

 So if you are thinking which stores to buy aloe vera gel, go for Bench. But I believe not all Bench branches have it. Go to the much higher end Bench branch. I bought mine from Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

P.S. It is super duper good for the skin. I really do hope a lot of people use it rather than lotions or other kinds of creams/moisturizers. 


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