Day 337 Leadership 101: Quotable Quote # 25 

Good morning!

I can’t help myself to stop for awhile in sharing quotable quotes from Leadership 101 by John C. Maxwell. But it ain’t over yet. Continuing with it, here’s my quotable quote for the day!

“All glory comes from daring to begin.” -Eugene F. Ware

✍🏻I don’t know if the glory Eugene Ware is trying to point out is God’s glory or man’s glory. But one thing is for sure there should be guts/daringness/courage/brave/dauntlessin initiating something.

I remember the time when I had my orientation in Med school and that was August 2,2016. The striking thing I learned that day is that being a physician is only for the courageous. Not only because a physician gets to see blood, needles and surgery but also the physician is constantly facing a variety of illnesses and death.

I believe being brave should also be part or quality of a leader. I remember it is written in Scripture that God has not given us a spirit of fear but Spirit of power, love and sound mind.

Personally God is still transforming me. I can’t fully say I have no fear left in me. There might be hidden fear I don’t know or aware of. But I believe if it is for God’s glory, we should be brace to do what it takes (and yet I am quite afraid to further testify to my Catholic friends, sigh~).


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