Day 346 Vacation Errr Or Not So

Good evening!

So today should feel really like vacation because no more exams or online quizzes to take and just waiting for the grades to be uploaded. I should be doing the things I love like trying out a new recipe or sewing clothes.

But I don’t feel like it’s a vacation/ rest day because I find myself cleaning my ‘garbage’ house (sorry for the term but it really is). So my dear home where I grew up with is more than two decades old. Currently it’s my senior citizen dad and my older brother who live in this rundown house. And I can’t express much my angst and disappointment against my older brother for not being adult enough to always clean the house. The molds in the bathroom are teeming. The refrigerator is so messy and there was a huge thick slime on the floor of the refrigerator. The tiles are not mopped regularly. The mop is so worn out, my older brother did not even bother to buy a replacement head mop. 

So as you noticed I’m blaming it all on my older brother. I can’t blame my old dad because he’s old and still working hard everyday just so I can study in Med school without any balance.
From early morning until now, I have been doing partial cleanings with breaks in between. To top it all, I have menstruation and it’s painful. No one is cooking food for me to add it all. I should have been studying my Netter all day but NO, I’m doing the cleaning which my older brother should have done!

And why do I bother cleaning the house even if I’ll just stay here for a few weeks? I asked myself that question while partially cleaning the bathroom why I bother doing this even if no one commanded me to do so? And I realized that cleaning is better than buying a new furniture. Cleaning is a great opportunity to test/mold my character to be more humble and get used to cleaning things. And cleaning is next to godliness.

Yes, molds may grow back. New stains can be made. But I believe there is a hope for a restoration-making things look new someway or another.


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